North Africa specialist with Italian roots.

Germanetti Benelux BV is part of the Italian company Germanetti Srl. We are the specialist in freight traffic between Benelux and North Africa. We also drive daily to and from various destinations within Europe. 

Thanks to our extensive experience with destinations in North Africa, we effortlessly know our way around the paperwork associated with transportation to and from destinations in North Africa. In this way, we ensure that a shipment goes smoothly and avoid problems at customs. 

We have our own offices in the countries we drive to. From these local offices, we provide transportation within the country itself. Because we work with our own branches (and not an agent), we maintain control of the shipment throughout the entire transportation process. So we don’t have to deal with an external party, we can just call a colleague if we want to request information about a delivery. All of our locations have the same interest: that the delivery arrives at its destination safely and within the desired time.

Family business and the move to the Netherlands.

Germanetti’s story begins in Italy. Currently at the helm is Francesco Germanetti, who took over from his father and uncle. So it is a real family business. The company’s first trip to Tunisia was at the special request of a customer. This proved a great success and slowly but surely the company grew to become a specialist in transport to North Africa.

In 2004, after an explosive growth in transport to and from the Benelux, our Dutch branch of Germanetti opened. From our branch office we structure the movement of goods from and to the Benelux.

We manage transport for the Benelux from our centrally located office in the Hazeldonk industrial park. We do this for transport towards Italy, but also to Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Malta.

Your transportation well taken care of.

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