With our extensive and versatile fleet, we can transport almost anything for you. Whether it’s a load of clothing that needs to stay neat or large parts: we make it happen.

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Reliable refrigerated trailer.

These trailers with closed bodies can both refrigerate and freeze. For example, we use our refrigerated trailers a lot for transporting vegetables, fruits and frozen foods. With a temperature range between -20 ℃ to 30 ℃, we ensure that fresh products are constantly kept at the right temperature and arrive fresh at their destination. In total, we operate over 300 refrigerated trailers.

Is a particular delivery in a hurry because of product shelf life? Then we offer the possibility of transporting goods from the port of Marseille to the Netherlands within 24 hours. For these deliveries, we drive with two drivers. Together they may work 21 hours, which is just enough to drive from Marseille to the Netherlands.

Our fleet.

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