Environment and

Delivering goods safely, in good condition and in the most environmentally friendly way possible to the desired location: that is our priority. We take several measures to ensure this.

Every 3 months, our drivers receive training in which they learn how to safely participate in traffic without causing a nuisance to other road users. In addition, our drivers are required to adhere to the applicable rules for driving hours and rest periods. When a delivery is in a hurry, we work with two drivers who alternate. This allows constant driving without causing safety problems.

We understand better than anyone that you want to make sure the goods arrive at destination in perfect condition. Therefore, our vehicles, especially the coolers, are monitored 24 hours a day from an operations center in Italy. If something is going on (such as a sudden change in temperature) an alarm goes off and we take immediate action.

Safe transportation &
24/7 monitoring

Safe and environmentally friendly transportation of goods

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Reduce CO2 emissions .

To transport goods in the most environmentally friendly way possible, we set strict requirements for the vehicles we work with. Thus, we buy only tractor units with the latest type of engine. These engines are the least polluting to the environment. After about 5 years, our cars are replaced. Because of this, we drive only the most modern cars.

Not only with our fleet, but also with our people, we are committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible. To further reduce CO2 emissions, our drivers receive training to drive as economically as possible. In this way, they drive as many miles as possible with as little fuel as possible.

Protection of goods

Safety of your goods is extremely important to us. To protect the delivery from theft, we only work with high-quality trailers and always add an extra lock. Our drivers also receive training to ensure the safety of goods.

Of course, we also have the certifications needed to handle high-value goods and manage them safely, such as TAPA certification and ISO 9001 certification.

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